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About Me:

After having lived in the floating home community of Canoe Pass Village www.canoepassvillage.com  in Ladner for 6 years I am able to attest to the lifestyle and give my honest and fair assessment of the ins and outs of living in a floating home. Certainly as an avid boater you couldn’t ask for anything better than having the convenience of your boat at the front door. Serene sunsets, peace and tranquillity and the beauty of nature is what you see from your picture windows every day. If you’re interested in the living the floating home lifestyle I have current local knowledge and can offer the best advice possible.

BC Float Home Standards

 International Marine Floatation

Together in Teamwork:

“Working together to market Canoe Pass Village to its Best”

Greg Klemke has unparalleled expertise and knowledge of floating homes and has proven results of more floathome and water lot sales in the Greater Vancouver area than any other realtor.

Together with myself, as a past resident of Canoe Pass Village we offer the very best of:

combined experience of over 35 years
advertising on www.floatinghomes.com  the largest link to floating village lifestyles and the number one floating home classifieds on the web viewed on an average of over 3000 times per month
in addition to being advertised on MLS you get more than one real estate company marketing your listing as it will also be posted on www.vancouverfloatinghomes.com 
a realtor that lived the lifestyle can best sell the advantages of the lifestyle to prospective buyers
personal representation at all showings and open houses
“simple staging sells” interior design expertise, advice and guidance to enhance the sale and value of your home
established working relationships with the authorities and experts in the floating home field to make for a faster smoother sale
prompt, professional and personal service “two professionals for the price of one”


Option: A
Purchasing a Float home / Water lot under strata:

There are a few strata float home communities in the Greater Vancouver area that you can purchase a float home under strata title. They include ownership of a strata lot unit entitlement of the foreshore and a water lot where the float home is moored which is leased from the Fraser Port Authority. Minimal lease payments are paid for this out of the monthly strata fee. Some of these communities have a variety of amenities including; covered garages, storage lofts, additional open and/or covered parking, common area manicured grounds, recreational facilities, concrete docks and pilings, gated and sturdy access ramps. Strata fees in these communities are relatively low considering what you get and the security of knowing that you have a permanent place to moor your home. Additionally, some of these also include a boat slip within the water lot allowing an owner to moor a boat with front door access to their home. The purchase prices of these homes including the water lots vary but start at around $400,000 and go up from there depending on the home, size and location. While paying a bit more for these strata communities they add good value with a sense of permanency and a more secured investment opportunity.

Option: B
Purchasing a Float home and leasing a Water lot:

There are also just float homes for sale, some of which already have a spot that you can continue to lease moorage for on a monthly basis. Moorage prices for these homes vary depending on the type of rental marina but on average can run you around $800.00 p/month and up (not including the purchase price of a float home). Some Float home Marina’s are structured in such that they require a security deposit protecting the right to moor the float home there for a specific period of time. This can be upwards $23,000 for a 10 year lease plus the monthly moorage/maintenance fees that they charge. These types of well managed marina’s usually have good quality infrastructure and offer designated storage, parking spots, mailboxes and some even have shared laundry facilities.

Option C:
Purchasing a Water lot:

There are a limited number of water lots available for purchase in which you can buy an existing float home to put there or have one built specifically built for that water lot. Water lots vary in price but on average cost between $250,000 – 330,000. This gives you a secured set amount of water space to moor a float home, which may or may not include a boat slip associated with the water lot. It can also be quite difficult to locate a pre-existing float home that will fit the specific perimeters of the water lot so many choose to build a new float home specific to the water lot specs.

Option D:
Purchasing a float home separately:

Float homes can be purchased separately and may be moved to a new location however you must be able to have a spot to relocate the home to. This can become quite difficult, as spots to moor them are quite limited and the barge size must fit within the water lot size. Purchase price of used smaller/older floating character cottages can be anywhere from $50,000 - $200,000 while larger/ newer ones on average run between $200,000 - $400,000 depending on size and quality of construction.

Float home Financing can be difficult to obtain but look no further...
Kelly Fishbrook not only specializes in float home financing but can also assist you with flexible financing solutions to help make any home purchase a reality!
Mortgage Specialist, RBC Royal Bank
Royal Bank of Canada
Telephone: 604-946-1252
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“If you want waterfront for a fraction of the price then this lifestyle may be for you”